Heart of the Forest

Welcome to Brembel Grove and my little introduction. I wanted to write a short post of what I am hoping to write about and share on this blog.

At the heart of it, it is for the love of story as well as the weirdness that makes up my brain with thoughts on life and living. What started off with me trying to get my druidic and nature loving side into the title (grove) expanded to include brambles with their pull and harvest as well as my love for story.

When you look beyond the first row of shrubs you will find some of the tales I hope to share here, such as Brembelgold’s adventures. He is a dragon youngling that came my way when I hunted high and low for a good Twitter name (typical really).

As this is not all that wanders around in my head there will be other tales, including the witch Agatha’s with her trusty familiar/sidekick the caterpillar Percival.

That and my thoughts on nature and life really, as it all flows back together into one’s writing.

I will explore ways of keeping the various stories and tidbits seperate with tags, so those of you who’d rather stick to one section above another can get to where they want to be more swiftly, I hope, but do get lost in the words and green if you fancy a bit of a break.

Well, what can I say to end but: Welcome! Welcome to the forest. Please mind the thorns on those brambles, they are a bit clingy but the fruits found here are sweet and sour. Come, rest in my grove and let’s share a tale or two over a cuppa.

Bright Blessings & see you in the grove!